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Sittara (Star)

Sittara (Star)

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This bag was handmade by women and men in need. Not only that, it was once a TIRE (that now looks like leather) and the fabric was hand-stamped! How cool is that?

  • Made from a discarded tire tube with a traditional hand-stamp pattern on Canvas
  • 100% Vegan - Made from repurposed rubber and canvas, this bag is 100% vegan
  • Zip Pockets and Top clasp - with numerous pockets that zip shut, as well as a top clasp that closes the opening of the bag, your stuff can stay organized and safe!
  • Beach Bag Ready! - Having previously been a tire, this bag will outlast any adventure to the beach!
  • Machine Washable - hang dry! - Taking your bag on too many adventures?  Throw it in the wash!  Our bags can been thrown right into the washing machine... just make sure to take out your cell phone first!

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A star is born. Think more Barbara and less big burning clouds of gas – unless you’re into that kinda thing! This tote might not have come out of a tempest of raging hot space dust (10,000,000 degrees Celsius is what it takes, FYI). But, it did come from a discarded tire tube! (Gasp!) Yes, it’s true! Now it has been reborn, reforged – It is a phoenix rising from the ashes and it wants you for a sidekick. Or a front-kick in this case – Is that even a thing? It is now! Don’t just have stars in your eyes. Put’em on your arm!

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Made in partnership with Khushbu.

Dimensions: 12.5 inches high and 15 inches wide.

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